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  11 Apr 2017

Considering the site has been up for a few weeks, I am honestly surprised that I haven’t noticed that I didn’t even have a Favicon yet. It’s such a simple thing to deploy, but I suppose I never had the motivation to make one.

Honestly I may have done the worlds laziest favicon. I literally just took a letter, made it red and added a drop shadow in GIMP. The hardest part was probably installing GIMP.


To deploy the Favicon, I encountered the Website realfavicongenerator, which alters all the Favicons so that they work on all sorts of devices. Simple UI and all sorts of customization options, would definitely recommend.

For those interested, here is how all the icons look on different devices.

In other news, I am trying out an auto-tweeter. Currently, the IFTTT script is hooked to the site’s RSS Feed, meaning once a new post is posted, it shall soon after be posted on my Twitter Feed. Got to somehow keep up that social media presence I suppose…

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